Agile and Business Value Determination

Business Value Image

Agile drives business value, we all know that, right?

• How do we measure the business value and what are the typical business value measurements that executives care about?

• How do we align the business value to our Epics and Themes? Does SAFe, LeSS, DAD, and Scrum@Scale align with business value determination and tracking?

• How do I converse with my executive leadership and Product Owners to align on the business value proposition and measurements?

Great questions….right?

The objective of the session is to answer all of the questions presented above with an example based on a case study and have an open discussion gathering everyone’s insight to innovate on Agile Business Value.

Agile Adoption and Transformation Drives Business Value, specifically how it is determined, tracked, and validated are discussed in the attachment.  The presentation below was given at a session in San Francisco on 7/15/2016.

Impavid Agile and Business Value Meetup