Agile and DevOps Synergy is Critical

Agile and DevOps Synergy Critical

We live in a very exciting time, more innovations, social change, and technology wizardry per month then ever chronicled by mankind. Case in point: the world is witnessing another major paradigm shift where technology and IT organization will drive business value through innovations. This is a significant change; as for five decades the IT organization was the steward of the data, applications, and infrastructure and was perceived as a Data Center, and sometimes an investment black hole by the corporate boardroom. The role of the IT organization was to develop applications for business transaction processing, run them, and make sure the systems were up. For five decades technology advances were at an acceptable pace of adoption by organizations, society, and individuals.

Times have a changed!

In the San Francisco Bay, where I live, you cannot walk the streets without tripping over a start up. Start up mania is the norm here. The entrepreneur and product development spirit and practices being used are incubating, improving, and becoming universal. The new stimulating products and services approach is transferrable to the large corporation, thus creating an intrapreneurial culture. The promising approach is called Design Thinking and product teams are starting to use these practices across the globe.

The market is evolving new business models, different than our current product and service business models. Design Thinking coupled with the new Creative Economy is helping develop these new business models. Technology is enabling these new business models. Technology solutions and platforms, like Cloud, Mobility, Internet of Things or Machine- to -Machine, Cognitive Computing, Big Data, and other more emerging technologies, are requiring new and expanding application architectures, enterprise architectures and infrastructures. New technology will appear relentlessly and quickly; public, private, and non-profit organizations will always need to adapt to create the appropriate nexus of business and technology so they can drive their unique innovations.

Most industries and companies are recognizing the need to move to a more Digital Enterprise. The customer and public demands are driving the journey, as we all move to the new digital ecosystems.   However, all of the research firms (in 2015) indicate that all of our public institutions, non-profit organizations, and private businesses need to move faster to meet the demand or face extinction. All of us depend on these products and services. According to all of the research firms and major consulting companies, the major challenges for transforming to the Digital Enterprise is delivery and culture. The Digital Enterprise requires a new application delivery approach and framework that is agile, lean, and disciplined. The Impavid Agile TM is a comprehensive set of key leading practices from proven transformation and application delivery disciplines.

Please download the attached presentation to get an idea of how Agile and DevOps are the catalyst to the emerging Digital Enterprise and Culture: Agile and DevOps Proficiency