Agile and Scrum Growth Accelertaing

Agile / Scrum / SAFe Growth Accelerating

Agile and Scrum growth acceleration and success is exponential and is more popular year after year. 2016 is the year of Agile Culture Synergy.  Certification provides a baseline of knowledge understanding with a set of lexicons for our profession.

In addition to the certification training courses and institutions, there is the need for mentoring and coaching partners; as well as, trainers that have deep experience implementing Agile (Scrum, Lean,  XP, and SAFe) within organizations.  The certification organization is less critical for career success than the trainer’s experience and knowledge that will accelerate developing your proficiency.

The 2015 Surveys from the organizations below provide key data points illustrating the need for training and coaching to be led by experienced Agile practitioners.  The survey also indicates an organic improvement evolution process that includes contributions from seasoned practitioners as well as new bright individuals entering our profession.

Survey Says –


A survey by Scrumstudy indicating the growth of Scrum: ScrumStudy Survey.

Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance survey has significant information about Scrum adoption and current barriers to success. (scrum-alliance-state-of-scrum-2015).


VersionOne survey has significant details around method and tool utilization. (state-of-agile-development-survey-ninth).

Adoption and Execution Problem areas –

All of these survey’s indicate the growth in Scrum and Agile as well as the problems with adoption and execution.

Team and Organization culture change still called out….

All of the surveys indicate that team members require fundamental knowledge and training, organizations need to adapt and align culture to fundamentals, scaling Agile is a problem but SAFe is providing the framework for success, and there is no one size fits all.

Automation integration is called out….

All of the surveys indicate that DevOps and other flavors of IT Operations changes are driving some fundamental enhancements to Agile and Scrum.  Scaled Agile Framework has included DevOps and System teams as well as integral processes.

Large scale program and portfolio integration is called out….

All of the surveys indicate that Agile and Scrum is being scaled for larger endeavors and additional portfolio and program practices and skills are required.  Scaled Agile Framework has included Portfolio and Program level teams as well as integral processes.